Reviews & Media

“A delight…it is wholly, and charmingly, original. I quite honestly couldn’t stop smiling.”

Full review – Jillian Ashley Blaire Ivey, Broad Street Review

“An affectionate tribute to the author whose characters live indelibly in the minds of readers all over the world…The show’s real charm lies in its delicate negotiation between homage and parody.”

Full review – Toby Zinman, Philadelphia Inquirer

“This is truly a labor of love….The play tells the audience just enough information about Austen to avoid information overload.  Their choices are clever and representative of author’s work.”

Full review – Dennis Bloh, Philly Life and Culture

“If you were not a “Janeite” at the beginning of the performance, you were certainly on your way to becoming one by the end.”

Full review – Judy Cohen, Beyond My Backyard

“Whether you’re a superfan or just dipping your feet into the pool of her classic novels…or maybe you just want to root for Mansfield Park… you’re going to have a great time with this performance!”

Full review – Brenda Hillegas, Philadelphia Row Home Magazine

Production Media

Photos of original June 2019 production, by Daniel Kontz

Photos of June 2022 production, by Wide Eyed Studios

Trailer for June 2022 Production (streaming version), by Christopher Colucci – 1 minute

Clips from the original June 2019 production, by Daniel Kontz – 5 minutes

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