Synopsis & Details

One newbie and two self-professed Janeites, through almost all means imaginable, tackle the entire canon of Jane Austen’s works – in just 80 minutes.

Come along for a fun, funny, and fast-paced romp through the masterpieces of Jane Austen with The Complete Works of Jane Austen, Abridged. Three nimble actors take on all of Austen’s beloved heroines, friends, and love interests—and her incisive social satire—in just 80 minutes. It is a truth universally acknowledged that an audience in
possession of high spirits must be in want of a ticket to this big-hearted comedy that will delight Janeites and newcomers alike.


Cast Size:
3 (2W, 1M)

Additional Notes:
Just like the character names (“Jessica”, “Charlotte” and “Trevor”), there are several references to where the play was written (Philadelphia and surrounding areas). Subsequent productions may identify and change such references as they see fit. If in doubt about a particular reference, please contact the Creative Team.

The audience is an active participant in the show and, wherever possible, brought into the action as much as they will allow. This is not a show for a space where the performers and audience can’t see each other or join in the enjoyment that is Austen’s work.

Development History

The Complete Works of Jane Austen, Abridged was developed through a series of group meetings (over wine and cheese) interspersed with solo writings by Jessica Bedford, Kathryn MacMillan, Charlotte Northeast, and Meghan Winch starting in the Summer of 2018. It received one in-house reading prior to the beginning of rehearsal in May of 2019 (during which it underwent further revision).

The show premiered at The Physick House in Philadelphia, PA, produced by Tiny Dynamite. It ran from May 29 – June 16, 2019. The entire run was sold out prior to first preview. It was directed by Kathryn MacMillan and featured Jessica Bedford, Trevor Fayle, and Charlotte Northeast.

Minor revisions to the script allowed for a second sold-out run beginning on October 30 – November 10, 2019. Performances once again took place at The Physick House and featured the same director and cast.

A third run in June of 2022 took place at the Bluver Theatre at the Drake in Philadelphia, with minor revisions to suit the move to a black-box theater space and to accommodate a new performer. MacMillan directed once again, and the cast featured Northeast, Fayle, and Brittany Onukwugha. A streaming version of the live production was available for three weeks after the in-person run.

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